Thursday, June 14, 2007

HECHSHER TZEDEK-suddenly its hard to find

Something happened between Monday and today. On Monday, when you googled "HECHSHER TZEDEK" this blog was the first site you would be sent to. Today, when you google hechsher Tzedek, we don't appear at all. Clearly something was tampered with. Sadly, we have discovered that there are people who somehow believe that the synthesis between ritual and ethical as it relates to kashrut is a bad thing for the Jewish people. We couldn't disagree more. The real blessing of hechsher tzedek is that it demonstrates a commitment both to the ritual observance of kashrut and of the deep and unambiguous concern that Judaism places on ethical behavior. In truth, we have already succeeded in reawakening a serious discussion regarding kashrut, its importance in our lives and the means by which it is to be observed.

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